Multi instrumentalists Tom Mills and Phillip Williams make up the band WILLS ADDICTION out of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and are widely known locally for their intricate guitar work, soaring harmonies, and fan interaction on stage.

The boys hit the stage with an upbeat assault of Celtic, Maritime, Roots, and Classic Rocks tunes featuring original material from their new CD “Crossin That Bridge” just recently released in 2012.

Tom Mills and Philip Williams first met at a house party in Westmount in 2008 across the water from the Big Fiddle in Sydney.  After playing together until the wee hours of the morning, they realized they had a passion for the same type of song.  So “Wills Addition” was born.  It is a match which was meant to be.  The harmony and multi use of instruments is a delight to both the young and the old.

Hard work and determination over a three year period brought forth this, their first CD.  Some of the songs will be familiar, but with a mix of their own material including one about the Big Fiddle, which towers over the beautiful harbor of Sydney.  They proved that if there is a “Will” there is a way.  Both armed with a “GET ER DONE” attitude made this dream come true.  So sit back and enjoy “Wills Addition” and you too will be truly addicted.

Where We Play

Wills Addiction plays local Nova Scotia pubs and festivals including The 2024 Women’s World Curling Championships at C200 in Sydney, White Point Resort, The Northside Exhibition, The Cape Breton Bikefest, The Louisbourg Crabfest and other places such as The Savoy Theater, The Louisbourg Playhouse, The Split Crow, and Governors Pub as well as other venues across the province of NS.

Music Written for a Local Movie

One of the tunes from their upcoming CD, “I Like Girls”, written for the upcoming movie “The Legend of the Psychotic Forrest Ranger“, is an ’80s style tongue-in-cheek, rock anthem! A little out of character for the band who mostly play a mix of Maritime and Blues-style classics, but a fun project to be a part of.

The Giant Fiddle (Our Most Requested Original Song)

Another tune, which the band hopes will catch on locally, is a collaboration between Williams(Phillip) and Mills, called “The Giant Fiddle”.

It tells of local culture and how The Giant stands fixed, rising high from her perch on the Sydney Waterfront, bringing together young and old alike to celebrate and sing out proudly the praises of our Cape Breton culture!

Feel free to shoot us a message or to book the band this year 🙂

Current Bookings

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